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A Three Wheeled Motorcycle Design Concept That Could Change The Game

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Jon Parsons is a motorcycle enthusiast, but what he envisions as the perfect ride is not your average two-wheeler. Parsons, an engineer in the United Kingdom who is working as a designer for an aerospace company, is working on a prototype for an in-line three-wheel bike. He set up his own studio seven years ago and has been working on his concept bike ever since.

A New Design

The extra wheel can add stability, and Parsons believes a three-wheel bike is an improvement over its two-wheel counterpart. His radical invention is designed with two-wheel drive and two-wheel steering. Compared to a traditional motorcycle, it's a bike like no other.
  • It accelerates faster over gravel and slick surfaces.
  • Steering at the rear is improved, to take corners better.
  • The middle and rear wheels grip the road better.
  • Three wheels in a straight line reduce pitch over rough surfaces.

Parsons says three tires give a smoother ride and keep the bike from sinking on soft ground. Three-wheeled braking provides greater control when stopping on a downhill slope. Plus, its design makes it narrower than a trike or quad so it can be leaned into a corner.

There are some challenges of building a three-wheeler with independent suspension and the extra parts required need to make allowances for movement. The swinging arm, extra wheel and suspension unit take up extra space, but the motorcycle itself is basically the same length as a traditional bike. Linking all three wheels to the swinging arms on the frame also must be done correctly.

A Better Bike?

Rear-wheel steering is already used on the Nissan Skyline automobile, so the idea of building a bike with a similar design is not inconceivable. Others, however, who considered it for a conventional two-wheel motorcycle found it to be complicated. But Parsons says with the 3x2x2 design his three-wheeler has, it just might work.
His goal is to take what’s on paper and transfer it to the production line. The bike would be fairly easy to manufacture because it uses a standard engine and most parts are already suited for mass production. The parts that aren’t can be easily retooled.

His current design for a three-wheeler is best suited for off-road riding and sports bikes because of its excellent handling on rough terrain. The biggest hurdle would be to capture the interest of mainstream manufacturers and market the idea. Parsons wants to get input from other bike enthusiasts on whether his idea is feasible and if his ideas can be incorporated onto new motorcycles.
What do you think?

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  • rashad
    rashad Friday, 05 April 2013

    I must say that is rather unique. For those who ride motorcycles what do you think of something like this?

  • CustomRacing
    CustomRacing Friday, 05 April 2013

    I honestly just don't like the way it looks. What makes motorcycles awesome is not only how they ride, but how awesome they look! With 3 wheels, it just looks cluttered, but I can appreciate improving the performance!

  • Martin Nos
    Martin Nos Friday, 05 April 2013

    I saw years ago a three wheels bike on TV. The use bikes to climb a muddy hill and there was a guy who used an offroad three wheeled bike. It was the first and only time I saw a bike with that configuration
    NOTE: the guy didn't climb the hill XD

  • PurpleSyrup
    PurpleSyrup Monday, 13 May 2013

    thats crazy!

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