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eBay Find - Low Miles 1991 Honda CRX Si

Posted by on in YourWhip.com
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If you're a fan of Hondas like I am, than you'll want to take a minute and look at this eBay listing for a 91' CRX Si with only 39k miles.

If you're not a fan of Honda, than you'll still want to check out that listing, as the car seems poised to sell for upwards of $15k (perhaps more). Sound crazy to you? Me too.

What's the Deal With These Old CRX's?

This isn't the only CRX I've seen with an incredible asking price. I recall an 89' listed on eBay with an $11k buy it now price, and that car was yellow (a color that usually doesn't help sales). I've also been told by people in Honda collector's circles that a CRX in good condition is likely to fetch considerably more than a Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord in the same condition.

The question is, why? I'm a fan of Hondas, and I've never understood the love affair with the CRX. There's nothing wrong with the car, but there's nothing remarkable about it either.

  • It shares the same engine and transmission found in a Honda Civic from the same period.
  • While nimble, it's not particularly fast...the engine in the model shown was rated at 108hp. That's not bad for a 2,000 lbs vehicle, but it's not exceptional either.
  • As for the "Si" model, the big feature is a sunroof.

Perhaps the reason for the CRX's value is the critical acclaim the car enjoyed. Motor Trend, Road and Track, and Car and Driver all loved this little car, awarding it 10 Best status, "Car of the Year" status, and even "Import Car of the Millenium" status...all notable praise. The car's relative scarcity may be a factor as well. While there aren't any official sales figures available, it's estimated that about 75,000 CRX models were sold between 1988 and 1991.

But still, $12-$15k buys a lot of car - especially if you look at other vehicles from the early 1990's on eBay. BMWs, Mercedes, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros...all with very low miles, all of which cost more than a CRX brand new, and all of which have bigger engines, nicer interiors, more prestige, etc.

Perhaps it's the quirky nature of the CRX. Perhaps it's an homage to the genius of Honda engineering. Perhaps it's just a fad. Regardless, I don't get it. Please comment below if you can shed some light on why.
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eBay Find - Low Miles 1991 Honda CRX Si

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